tea-tree-oil-burnsTea tree oil – very effective all-natural antiseptic cream for burns

We’ve all done it... gotten distracted for just a moment and made quick contact with a barbecue grill, burner, hot pot or curling iron and OUCH! a nasty burn appears.

Usually this type of burn will be superficial – a first degree burn will cause redness, swelling and pain, whereas with a second degree burn blistering will typically occur. Third degree burns are much more serious and require immediate medical attention due to the increased risk of infection and scarring.

How is tea tree oil good for burns?

Tea tree oil contains natural antiseptic qualities, so it’s the perfect all-natural remedy for superficial burns to the skin.

Because the oil is non-greasy it absorbs easily, allowing the skin to breathe and heal naturally. If you’ve just burned your skin then speedy treatment is necessary for optimum results.

You can buy 100% pure tea tree oil from most health shops, or even pharmacies and some department stores. Always make sure you are buying top quality oil and not a ‘blend’ – this will ensure you get the maximum result from this natural treatment.

Tea tree oil as a natural treatment for burns

There are many antiseptic and burn creams on the market, but they are typically laden with chemicals and man-made ingredients. Tea tree oil is distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant (which is native to Australia), so it’s the perfect treatment for burns if you are conscious of what you put on your skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil will provide immediate relief to burns and may even assist in preventing blistering. Because tea tree oil also contains antibacterial properties it will help in preventing any infection.

Using tea tree oil as a natural remedy for burns

Here’s a quick and simple way of using tea tree oil for burns:-

• Run the affected skin under cold water or apply ice for at least ten minutes.
• Pat dry gently using a soft, clean towel.
• Apply a few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton ball or cotton pad.
• Dab the oil gently onto the affected burn area.

Using the above method, keep applying tea tree oil liberally onto the affected skin 2-3 times per day. If necessary you can continue this treatment for up to a week to see results.


Tea tree oil uses

Use tea tree oil to help with dandruff, scalp problems and psoriasis.
Acne, ringworm, burns and cuts can all be treated with tea tree oil.
Nail fungus
Get rid of nail fungus using this natural essential oil.
Head lice
Sick of kids coming home with head lice? Try these home remedies.
Oral care
Make your own mouthwash and toothpaste using tea tree oil.
Kill mold and make your own disinfectants sprays for household cleaning.
Sinus pain, BV, cold sores and yeast infections can be treated.
Tea tree oil can be used to treat fleas and ear infections in dogs.