Are you embarrassed by your dry, itchy scalp?
Tea tree oil shampoo for dandruff is an effective, natural remedy

dandruff-tea-tree-oilWhat is dandruff?

Dandruff is a scalp condition that causes annoying itching and irritation, usually marked by white flakes throughout the hair.

A yeast-like fungus called malassezia (also know as pityrosporum) is usually the cause. This fungus is normally found on a healthy scalp without any issues, but sometimes a mild inflammation will produce dead skin cells, and when these dead skin cells mix with your hair’s natural oils and clump together, white, flaky pieces can be seen.

Infrequent shampooing, stress, hormone imbalance, illness or increased oil production are all known causes of this embarrassing medical condition known as dandruff.

Tea tree oil and dandruff

The majority of dandruff cases are caused by a fungus in the scalp area, and because tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties, it is an effective, natural remedy for embarrassing dandruff conditions.

The most common treatment for dandruff is an anti-dandruff shampoo, however these usually contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin on the scalp. Tea tree oil offers effective, natural relief for frustrating, uncomfortable scalp conditions such as dandruff.

Is tea tree oil good for dandruff?

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia - a plant native to Australia, and has been used for centuries as both an anti-fungal and an antiseptic topical treatment for a variety of conditions. Tea tree oil shampoo has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of dandruff, with no adverse effects.

Tea tree oil dandruff shampoo

A shampoo containing tea tree oil won’t cause imbalance in your skin’s natural bacteria, so it’s gentle enough to use every day as an effective and natural treatment for skin and scalp irritations such as dandruff.

The tea tree oil component of a shampoo will help unclog blocked hair follicles, keeping the hair and scalp free of bacteria and fungus.

A 2% solution of tea tree oil in your shampoo will help encourage the flow of the body’s own moisturizing oils, at the same time as clearing away those embarrassing and unsightly dead skin cells.

How to use tea tree oil for dandruff

You can make your own anti-dandruff shampoo containing tea tree oil - it’s easy!

  • For each 32 ounces (100ml) of shampoo, use 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil
  • Use this tea tree oil shampoo daily, and in approx. 4 weeks you should see some fantastic results - your dandruff should be almost gone completely.

No need to buy special anti-dandruff shampoos, just add a little tea tree oil to your favourite shampoo as an ongoing preventative measure.

Tea tree oil uses

Use tea tree oil to help with dandruff, scalp problems and psoriasis.
Acne, ringworm, burns and cuts can all be treated with tea tree oil.
Nail fungus
Get rid of nail fungus using this natural essential oil.
Head lice
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Oral care
Make your own mouthwash and toothpaste using tea tree oil.
Kill mold and make your own disinfectants sprays for household cleaning.
Sinus pain, BV, cold sores and yeast infections can be treated.
Tea tree oil can be used to treat fleas and ear infections in dogs.