Whilst tea tree oil contains both antiviral and antibacterial properties, there’s not yet a lot of data about how effective it is against the current coronavirus pandemic.

Does tea tree oil work against coronavirus?

Even though supermarkets have been running low on commercial cleaning products and you may be looking at making your own, there’s not enough information yet as to whether tea tree oil is effective against the current coronavirus pandemic.

Experts say that while most commercial cleaning products will do a great job against most infections, there hasn’t been enough studies about how well they kill the exact strain of virus that causes COVID-19.

It’s probably best to make cleaning solutions containing bleach, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to help combat COVID-19 rather than using essential oils such as tea tree oil.

So what are effective cleaning products to combat COVID-19?

Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines is probably your best option at the moment, and they recommend bleach as an effective disinfectant against COVID-19. Here are some options for how to clean your home effectively:-

Diluting your household bleach
Mix 5 tablespoons (⅓ cup) of bleach per gallon of water
Mix 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart of water

Always mix and use in a well-ventilated area and check the product is not past its expiry date, otherwise, it may not be effective against coronaviruses.

Rubbing alcohol
If you’re wanting to use an alcohol-based product to disinfect your home make sure it contains at least 70% alcohol. Most hand sanitisers contain at least 60% alcohol (Lysol contains about 80%) – these are expected to be effective against coronavirus.

Always leave an alcohol-based solution on the surface you’re cleaning for at least 30 seconds before being wiped down.

Hydrogen peroxide
You can use hydrogen peroxide as is or diluted to a 0.5% concentration to be effective against coronavirus… leave on the surface for no more than a minute before wiping.

For more information on whether tea tree oil is effective for COVID-19 you can read this article by Rutgers University on the best ways to kill coronavirus in your home.

How should you clean for coronavirus?

Soap should be used on all surfaces prior to disinfection, and solutions should be left long enough on the surface to kill the virus.

For more detailed information about how to disinfect your home against coronavirus refer to CDC’s cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.

How often should you disinfect your home?

Currently the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends daily disinfection for all frequently touched surfaces – these include:-

  • Tables
  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Bench tops
  • Desks
  • Phones
  • Keyboards
  • Toilets
  • Sinks and faucets

Continue to wash your hands with soap and water as frequently as possible – always change into fresh clothes when you come inside from being out in public so you’re not unwillingly bringing more germs into your home.

The bottom line – is tea tree oil effective for covid-19?

There is currently no evidence that tea tree oil can kill coronaviruses, so whilst it is tempting to use tea tree oil as a disinfectant in your home against coronavirus at this stage we strongly recommend NOT using it as an effective cleaning solution.

Always follow the guidelines as set out by the CDC.

Tea tree oil uses

Use tea tree oil to help with dandruff, scalp problems and psoriasis.
Acne, ringworm, burns and cuts can all be treated with tea tree oil.
Nail fungus
Get rid of nail fungus using this natural essential oil.
Head lice
Sick of kids coming home with head lice? Try these home remedies.
Oral care
Make your own mouthwash and toothpaste using tea tree oil.
Kill mold and make your own disinfectants sprays for household cleaning.
Sinus pain, BV, cold sores and yeast infections can be treated.
Tea tree oil can be used to treat fleas and ear infections in dogs.