Are you sick of dealing with smelly, embarassing Athlete’s foot?
Try tea tree oil - a natural alternative treatment.

Athletes-foot-tea-tree-oilWhat is athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the skin - also known as ringworm of the foot. The fungi is usually transmitted in moist areas where people walk around barefoot, such as pools, showers, spas, etc.

The condition typically affects only the feet, but it can spread to other parts of the body such as the groin area.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot will cause the following symptoms:-

  • scaling, cracking, peeling or blisters between the toes or on soles of the feet
  • itching, burning and stinging between the toes or on soles of the feet
  • dryness on sides or bottoms of feet

Cracked skin and blisters can also result, leading to painful inflammation and swelling.

Using tea tree oil for athlete’s foot

Because tea tree oil has natural anti-fungal properties, it provides an excellent alternative to expensive store-bought creams and lotions.

Use tea tree oil as a topical application to athlete’s foot - you can do this by applying the oil to affected areas three times a day. It must be 100% pure essential tea tree oil.

How much tea tree oil do I need to use for athlete's foot?

Here’s how to relieve painful, itching athlete’s foot using tea tree oil:-

  • Add 3-5 drops of oil to a warm foot bath, soaking the feet twice daily.
  • Dry feet thoroughly with a clean towel or hairdryer, especially between the toes.

A tea tree oil antiseptic cream can also be applied to the affected area as an additional treatment.

How can I prevent future athlete's foot infections?

Some people are more prone to fungal infections than others, so may also be at risk of a repeat infection. Here are the best ways of preventing a future occurrence of athlete’s foot:

  • always keep feet clean and dry
  • avoid moist environments
  • remove shoes and allow feet to ‘breathe’ often
  • avoid walking barefoot in public areas such as swimming pools and gyms
  • avoid contact with people who are infected with athlete’s foot
  • avoid soaking and contaminated tool usage at nail salons

Disinfect old shoes and sprinkle them with antifungal foot powder every month - this will also help in avoiding the itchy, painful condition that is athlete’s foot.

All family members should be treated with tea tree oil for athlete’s foot if there is a case in the household.

Tea tree oil uses

Use tea tree oil to help with dandruff, scalp problems and psoriasis.
Acne, ringworm, burns and cuts can all be treated with tea tree oil.
Nail fungus
Get rid of nail fungus using this natural essential oil.
Head lice
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Oral care
Make your own mouthwash and toothpaste using tea tree oil.
Kill mold and make your own disinfectants sprays for household cleaning.
Sinus pain, BV, cold sores and yeast infections can be treated.
Tea tree oil can be used to treat fleas and ear infections in dogs.